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But are you ready to give the Best Man Speech?

If you are not good at speech writing or don’t think you are funny then writing the BEST MAN SPEECH can be a daunting experience.

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Lets be straight up about it, everyone looks forward to the BEST MAN SPEECH at a wedding. Not only is it entertaining but it is the last speech for the night. For 100+ people who will be listening expectations of you will be high.   

BEST MAN SPEECHES can be HARD to write & VERY TIME CONSUMING. You can spend hours, days, weeks trying to think about what to say and still feel like you are getting no where.


Remember the longer you leave to prepare, the higher the chance you will blow it on the night as you will miss out the important parts, comes across rushed or it does not include the appropriate light humor!

YOU ONLY HAVE ONE TIME to affirm your best man stature. This ONE & ONLY TIME is at your speech in front of everybody.

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A great investment in my time and stress levels!!

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